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Writer's Path has started its journey.

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

We proudly announce that Writer's Path is online now. The Writer's Path App is also in progress and it will be available to download soon on both iOS and Android smartphones.

An illustration of the Writer's Path logo.
Writer's Path

Writer's Path is a literary map of London with the aim to remember and rekindle London's connections with literature. We add places related to literature that we encounter in research and trips to our customised Writer's Path Map and you can easily find the best literary locations of London and the routes to get between them. There are 138 locations and sixty-nine writers on our map so far, and we know that many more authors and locations will be added on this path.

You can also take a part and offer literary locations to us; we will examine the locations and add them to the map. The locations with a plaque or memorial will have a greater chance of being featured.

We would be more than happy to help you find the locations you are looking for; you just need to subscribe to the Writer’s Path website or download the coming Writer’s Path app to your smartphone in order to access our specialised map.

We hope exploring London’s literary history brings you enjoyment – have fun!

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