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Route Chelsea

Starting in Sloane Square

14 locations

12 writers

52 minutes

2.3 miles

Route Chelsea lierary walk map in a black frame

You will see fourteen locations and twelve writers on the Chelsea Route. The length of this tour is 2.3 miles and it will take at least fifty minutes by foot; remember to consider the time you will spend admiring the locations as well!


The starting point of this route is Sloane Square Underground Station. Following this route, you can see ten blue plaques, one memorial plaque, two sculptures and a museum.

When you start the Chelsea Route, open the Writer's Path Map from our website (make sure you are subscribed in order to gain access to it).


On our map, you can see the distance of the locations and the best ways to travel between them. You can also read the information about the author and their association with the locations.

You can see many great writers on the Chelsea Route: P.L. Travers, Bram Stoker, Mark Twain, Oscar Wilde, George Eliot, George Gissing, Thomas Carlyle, Sir Thomas More, Elizabeth Gaskell, Gavin Maxwell, Samuel Beckett and Jean Rhys.


If you fancy visiting another interesting location on the route – albeit not related to literature – you can have a look at the world famous singer, Bob Marley’s house, at number 42, Oakley Street (SW3 5NT) after visiting the sixth location on this route.

Once again thank you for using Writer's Path on your trip. If you would like to tell us about your experience with this route or if you want us to add something, please do send an email to

Have fun!


Writer's Path Team


The silhouette of Pamela Lyndon Travers

1)  P. L. Travers House

( 50 Smith Street, Chelsea, London, SW3 4EP)

The silhouette of Thomas Carlyle

8) Thomas Carlyle Memorial

(Chelsea, London SW3 5LP)

The silhouette of Bram Stoker

2) Bram Stoker Blue Plaque

(19 St. Leonard's Terrace, Chelsea, London SW3 4QG)

The silhouette of Thomas Carlyle

9) Carlyle's House

(24 Cheyne Row, Chelsea, London SW3 5HL)

The silhouette of Mark Twain

3) Mark Twain Blue Plaque

 (23 Tedworth Square, Chelsea, London SW3 4DR)

The silhouette of Thomas More

10) Sir Thomas More Sculpture

(64 Cheyne Walk, Chelsea, London SW3 5TT)

The silhouette of Oscar Wilde

4) Oscar Wilde House

( 34 Tite Street, Chelsea, London, SW3 4JA)

The silhouette of Elizabeth Gaskell

11) Elizabeth Gaskell Plaque

(93 Cheyne Walk, Chelsea, London SW10 0DQ)

The silhouette of George Eliot

5) George Eliot Died Here

 (4 Cheyne Walk, Chelsea, London SW3 4HH)

The silhouette of Gavin Maxwell

12) Gavin Maxwell Lived Here

(9 Paultons Square, London, SW3 5AP)

The silhouette of George Gissing
The silhouette of Samuel Beckett

6) George Gissing Lived Here

 (33 Oakley Gardens, Chelsea, London, SW3 5QH)

13) Samuel Beckett Blue Plaque

(48 Paultons Square, Chelsea, London SW3 5DT)

The silhouette of Bram Stoker

7) Bram Stoker's House

 (27 Cheyne Walk, Chelsea, London SW3 5HH)

The silhouette of Jean Rhys

14) Jean Rhys Lived Here

(Paultons House, Paultons Square, Chelsea, London, SW3 5DU)

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