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Long Live Animal Farm

The book rescued from the wreckage

An illustration of George Orwell's Animal Farm
George Orwell's Animal Farm

Animal Farm was originally published on this day (17th of August) in 1945.

While George Orwell was living at 10a Mortimer Crescent, he began writing Animal Farm.

But his house was destroyed by a V-1 flying bomb.

Although Orwell feared he had lost the manuscript, he returned to the ruins of the house and dug it up out of the wreckage.

Under the pen name of George Orwell, Eric Arthur Blair (1903-1950) was a hugely successful English novelist, political essayist and journalist, known for his left-wing, anti-totalitarian views.

Orwell wrote six novels, and most of them were semi-autobiographical.

Apart from Animal Farm, Some of his other best-known works were Nineteen Eighty-Four, Homage to Catalonia and Down and Out in Paris and London.

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